If you have a centrifugal pump, you surely want the unit to function efficiently and maintain longevity at the same time. Now, to ensure this there are certain steps that needs to be followed. This is something that not every pump owner is aware of but at the same time it also bears great significance. So, stay tune to this blog to be aware of the steps that assure centrifugal pump reliability.

Apt design and selection -

The first step is the right specification and follow are the key considerations –

  • Arrangement of the seal.
  • Voltage.
  • Speed.
  • BEP (best efficiency point).
  • Flow.
  • Pressure.
  • Size of the pipe and its configuration.

You will find engineers who will guide you for the installation of oversized water pumps and increased horsepower at the designated place. But, unfortunately this is an inefficient approach and can prove costly as well. It will unnecessarily raise the energy cost intended for the functioning. This will also reduce its efficiency, thus increasing the odds of failure.

Right installation procedure -

As and when you receive the pump, it is your task to take your time in ensuring that the pump is in right condition. If the pump has been stored for less than six months, the pump just needs to be installed at a cleaner place but it has to be away from excessive heat & vibration. Ensure that the place where the pump is being installed has a concrete foundation.

Right control of the flow -

In order to optimize the efficiency and longevity of the pumping system, flow control plays a vital role in it. Usually, across the world, the flow is controlled by throttling the valve in the discharge line. In the case where the fluid is being pumped with control valve partially closed, then it tends to consume more energy and lead to premature failure of the pump.

Functioning of the pump -

While the pump is in functional order, there are performance elements such as temperature, flow, cleanliness, vibration and pressure which should be continuously monitored. This way you will assure that the pump is functioning efficiently and effectively.

Right maintenance measures -

It has to be ensured that you seek the assistance of the professionals to have an apt maintenance program. This will help you in keeping the pumping system in working condition and increase their life.

Genuine components -

One of the quickest and convenient methods of improving the pump reliability is to make use of genuine parts. You will surely find cheaper parts at affordable prices but they don’t fulfill the specifications and does possess right quality as well.

Monitoring the efficiency -

When you monitor the efficiency of the pump, you get an idea whether the pump is functioning at BEP or not. If it is not then necessary actions can be taken at right time and it will also save you considerable amount of money.