With new and modern inventions the whole scenario, of how the business is being done, has witnessed a significant makeover. We have witnessed an amalgamation of two worlds becoming as one. There are still some businesses which have made their best efforts in order to avoid it, but this coalition (consider O2O) is just unavoidable. So, if you are organized and all set, O2O can prove quite fruitful for your business.

Let us get to know more about this:

Defining O2O -

O2O basically means online to offline business that make use of internet-based market and various tools that draws online buyer to engage in personal retail buying. This concept also includes the complete industry along with variety of varied methods & services which are aimed at merging both the physical and digital marketplaces.

Significance of O2O -

Nowadays we spend most of our time on the internet using various gadgets whether it is tablets, mobile phones or desktops. The concept of O2O speaks more about drawing the buyers from online world to offline stores. Well, it can be said that it is making the utmost use of the online behavior to incite an offline action.

When it comes to commerce, O2O mainly draw its buyers from online marketplace to the offline stores. This can take place with the help of digital coupons, proximity marketing and loyalty cards. The buyers can also be fetch back to the online world with the help of QR codes and using varied mobile payment systems.

No matter how much the buyers are dependent on the mobile phones, the feeling that you get by touching and feeling the product cannot be replaced.

Scope of O2O for your business -

The main issue with online shopping is that the buyers are not physically in contact with the product. While shopping online, the buyer lacks the touch and feel experience of the product. A survey has also proven that buyers prefer more shopping offline.

O2O stores is, actually, an amalgamation of both worlds. The buyers get to establish a physical connection with the brand, while also using support & liberty that is provided with the online experience. The buyer can be in the offline store and at the same time they can cross check additional details online. Extending the popularity of O2O stores, pumpkart.com has opened an O2O store, where the customers are provided with touch and feel opportunity. In the next four years, the company has plans to open 100 stores.

Future of O2O stores -

With the modifications in marketing & business, it is important to acclimatize with it. But, instead of adapting with the situation, be the business that helps you in setting the tone of the change. Make utmost use of the mobile wallet and O2O commerce to your benefit. If you adopt these things, it will help you in making your business popular. With the amalgamation of both online and offline world, the buyers will also join with it. This is the reason that O2O stores are the future.