At the moment, India is having 2nd largest population in the world. As per a data from World Bank; India has initiated significant steps in order to curb the issue of poverty, but the number of people living below poverty line is highly disparate as compared to the people with middle-income, along with a combined rate of over 50% of both rural and urban poor.

Although, the nation has made certain developments in the past decades to quality & availability of the municipal drinking water system, its enormous population has stressed varied water resources. Irrespective of certain developments made, as far as drinking water is concerned, different sources of water stay contaminated with chemical and bio pollutants. Alarmingly, more than 22% of the country’s diseases are waterborne. has also initiated ‘Save water Save Country’ through which the portal makes all the necessary moves to save water for a better tomorrow. More and more water pumps should be purchased in order to have better distribution of water and wastage of water should be stopped.

As per 2001 census records, 77.10% of the country’s population have access to clean drinking water. But, the figures can be misleading and the actual scene can be understood only by analyzing every single city. Around 40% of water demand is fulfilled using ground water. Owing to this, the ground water tables are going down at a staggering rate of 2-3m per year. Water leakage is another reason. If we talk about Delhi & Mumbai, in Delhi 30% of water is lost due to water leakage and in Mumbai 20% is lost with the same reason.

Ways to save water -

The water can be saved and there are certain ways in which it can be done. Let us discuss them in detail –

  • While you are brushing your teeth and leave the tap running, normally 6L of water gets wasted in a minute. If you make a habit of turning off the tap, you can actually 60L of water in a week. That’s not too much to ask and it can be followed quite easily.
  • If you are boiling water for making tea, only boil the amount of water that is actually required. This will save both your money & energy.
  • Majority of water gets wasted when we take bath. We can switch to efficient shower heads that will help you in saving water wastage.
  • While washing clothes in a washing machine, make sure that you wash a full load of clothes as compared two half loads. This will save water and energy.
  • Using water boiling is also a form of water wastage. Instead, steaming should be preferred and it also prove beneficial in retaining the nutrients.
  • Using water to wash your car and for gardening purpose also waste significant amount of water. Instead you can take a bucketful of water to clean your car.

Water is an important natural resource and should not be wasted. If we follow the above discussed methods then surely water wastage can be stopped, hence making India a better country. Check the way you are using water and make sure you amend the ways in which water is being used.