Majority of the people are of the view that the development & growth within the online market indicates the collapse of standard offline retailers. This is an unwelcoming fact that the companies, dealing in offline commerce, have evaded by making use of advanced technologies and systems to reconsider the relation between physical and digital marketplaces. Making the most of this business model, has opened O2O (touch and feel) store. This store has offered one stop solution for contractors and institutional clientele. There is an extensive range of water pumps and boost credibility via delivering prompt services and pump installation via

Define O2O -

O2O commerce denotes online to offline business model that make use of web-based methods and market in order to draw online buyer. Eventually, O2O include an industry that along with a wide array of varied methods and services which are directed at integrating the physical and digital marketplace.

Technologies to be used -

It is indeed a broader concept, O2O can be witnessed in varied forms of technology. Simple incarnations of O2O are online marketing attempts for the local businesses and various retail processes have used tools such as Facebook, Adwords and various other forms of social media to maximum use. Various other forms of O2O comprise of various regular deals websites which make use of their standing to draw buyers to local businesses. At this point of time, various online retailers have started to make a move into physical retail locations.

O2O scenario in the real world -

There is a bigger scope for O2O in all those areas which are have better internet infrastructure. This concept is taking positive shape not only in China and India, but in other developing nations as well. Both data use and mobile phone is moving at a much faster pace as compared to the delivery networks that would prove beneficial for the portal. The concept of O2O has more chances of getting successful in such regions. With the help of advanced technology and mobile payment market, the buyers are facilitated to purchase goods via phone. O2O business model also enjoys the potential to take much more powerful shape as compared to e-commerce.

Main Advantages for the buyers -

  • It is a convenient method of shopping.
  • The products can be selected as per your needs and requirements.
  • It enjoys a wider reach.
  • You have no restriction from shopping from anything to everything and the best part is anywhere & anytime.

Conclusion -

Without a doubt, online to offline commerce is a new business type which is flourishing every day and it has an amalgamation of front line transactions and online shopping. In simple terms it can be explained that it is offline purchasing while making the utmost use of the internet. O2O is empowering offline retailers with the pertinent tools with an opportunity to earn from online searching to offline buying. In addition to this, it also provide a chance for survival and competing in an e-dominated world.