Garden tools are important and play a vital role, if you really want to take good care of your garden. It is imperative that you have the right knowledge about how these tools should be taken care of. This particular fact helps in maintaining the longevity of the tools as well. If the tools are not properly cared then the chances are more that they can develop rust, eventually damaging the tools. But, there are some methods with which you can take care and restore your tools. Make sure that before removing the rust, the tools should be properly cleaned.

How to clean -

Prevention from the spreading of disease -

  • The main motive of cleaning these tools is the prevention of the spreading of infection via one plant to another. It really proves beneficial in maintaining rust free tools. Cleaning pruning blade using a household cleaner will prove beneficial in the prevention of spreading of infection.
  • If the tools have been in contact with the concrete then it can lead to the dulling of the sharp edges of the tools.

Keeping the tools sharp -

The tools should also be cleaned, at right intervals, so that they can be kept sharp. This will also make them efficient and easy to use, thus saving your time.

  • While cutting the plants’ cells, a sharp blade will cause less damage.
  • The pace at which the plants heal will also improve and above all there is less risk of getting damaged from changing weather conditions or fungi.

Cleaning dirt or debris -

It is important that there is no dirt or any kind of debris on the tools. If it is a sharp tool then especially on the blade region. You can use water or a cotton cloth to cleanse it but make sure it is thoroughly dry.

  • Just in case, tools have some setting agents, make sure that you get rid of them before they actually get settled on the tool permanently.
  • If you used brush to get rid of the dirt then make sure that it properly cleaned with water and also dried aptly.
  • After that, make sure that you have used a mineral or motor oil on the tools.

Using a solvent -

As per experts, using a kerosene oil is highly recommended to clean the sap residue. This will come handy if you are pruning shrubs and trees.

Regular examination of the tools -

If you are following regular cleaning schedule of the tools, then you will have a better idea of any probable damage. It is advisable to make use of the damaged tools, as it can lead to physical injury as well.

Clean Storage -

It is important that when the tools are being cleaned, it should be stored in a clean place. Make sure that they are being kept at certain distance and there should be no congestion.